Value Spay & Neuter Transport

The Value (or Low-Cost) Spay-Neuter Transport is provided by The Humane Society of Charlotte (HSC) as part of their outreach program to offer Spay-Neuter options to communities in and around the Charlotte Metro area.  They coordinate with local, approved Animal Rescue Groups to organize these events.  

Paws of Piedmont has coordinated with McCoy Pet Supply in Midland, to offer these services to Midland and surrounding communities.

The goal of this program is to offer a low-cost incentive for pet-owners to spay/neuter their pets and further reduce the number of homeless pets.  This is not designed to compete with Vet Practices.  Quality care and procedures are provided by HSC volunteers, staff and licensed, practicing veterinarians.


Program Outline

Additional Information

Contact McCoy Pet Supply (704-888-2298) for upcoming dates.  

RESERVATIONS ARE REQUIRED as well as prepayment and completion of official documents from The Humane Society of Charlotte (HSC).  These forms CAN NOT be faxed or emailed (this is a carbonless multi-page form).  Completion should take no more than 5 minutes.  

All Pets (Cats & Dogs) must be current on their Rabies Vaccinations.  This is a North Carolina Law, rabies is a human health threat.  For proof of vaccination, you must provide a copy of the actual Rabies Certificate that you received at the time of vaccination. You can also get a copy from the vet that provided the vaccination.  Rabies Tags are not accepted as proof.  If you do not have a valid Rabies Vaccination, HSC can provide this at the time of surgery.

All Pets (Cats & Dogs) must be in a Plastic Pet Carrier.  This is for the pets comfort, safety and for the Transport.  Metal Crates are not acceptable.  Plastic Pet Carriers are available for rent.

If your pet has fleas, HSC will give them a Capstar Flea pill and an additional fee will be added.

Additional services are available and are listed on the official HSC form for additional fees.

All Pets that have reservations should be at McCoy's at the morning of surgery between 6:30-7am.  Pickup is typically at or after 5pm.  Sometimes these times can be delayed due to traffic, weather etc.  A POP Volunteer will stay with your pet until it is picked up.

For additional questions and information, please contact McCoy's at 704-888-2298


Feral Cats

Feral Cats are domestic cats that live outdoors, avoid human contact and thus have not learned to live socially with humans.  Feral Cats are not native wildlife and can breed quickly to large numbers if left unaltered.  One method to control feral cats is Trap and Release whereas a feral is trapped, spay/neutered, vaccinated for rabies and released.  A small ear tip is made to identify them for Animal Control and prevent euthanasia.  Altered cats will still maintain a colony but will no longer be able to increase in numbers, thereby reducing future numbers.  

Feral Cats can be placed on the monthly Transports.  Cost is $30 per cat regardless of male or female.  This includes surgery, vaccination, antibiotics and the ear tip identification.  All Feral Cats MUST BE IN A LIVE TRAP.  These are available for rent by Paws of Piedmont.  Due to the challenge of trapping and the limited spaces on each Transport, there is a limit of 2 feral reservations per paying customer.    

For more information, contact McCoy Pet Supply at 704-888-2298. 

Sponsor a Feral Cat

"Sponsor a Feral" program provides us with additional funding to assist in offering Spay & Neuter Services to control colonies in various areas (ransom colonies or for those who are not able to afford).  With this program, for as little as $30, you can name your feral, provide a safe handling and appropriate medical care to spay and neuter one feral cat. This also included rabies vaccine and pain medication.   These cats are then marked so that Animal Control will not capture and euthanize.